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Water is the most essential part of our life. The human survival is impossible without the consumption of water. In the recent time it has been found that 80% of the Kolkata peoples suffer from stomach related diseases. This is not due to the weather conditions or the pollution level of the environment, but the quality of the water we drink. Most of the water borne diseases is originated from unclean water. The ground water is full of dissolve impurities and other harmful bacteria, which is not visible by naked eyes.

In Amrit Alite, we ensure to supply you the best quality drinking water. Our 7 stage purification system ensures you a safe and pure water to drink & cook. Iron Removal Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Big Blue Housing (Micron Filter), Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet Treatment (UV), Ozonation, Micron Filter


Continually provide pure drinking water to every home according to specific needs.

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commercial mineral water


Enable access to clean drinking water in every commercial establishment without ceasing.

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personalised water services


Our PET bottles with personalized labels containing the desired logo of any type are appropriate for events...

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corporate water services


Provide necessary packaged water to every office all round the year helping maintain health.

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Our chain of distributors spans the length & breadth of the city & are continually adding in numbers.

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Amrit Alite water is available in various shapes and sizes that is convenient for you to carry. Go through the gallery to view all the containers.

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