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About Us

Packaged Drinking Water Supplier in Kolkata

We are a group of young people that harbors the dream of serving the society and making it a better place. With the same vision in mind, we forayed into the world of packaged drinking water back in 2010 to provide water that is Amrit. Coming from Sanskrit Amrit means “immortal” that embodies the value with which every drop coming from our plant is loaded. It is our vision to ensure that we emerge as a strong India having access to the pure Amrit flowing out of our reliable packages.

Ever since the very first days, our brand has made its mark in the market covering the domestic, commercial and corporate sectors. Amrit Alite features among the names in the top bracket of those in this industry. While catering to the ever growing demands of the local city market, we also aim to fulfill the needs of every town and city in the country. Today we have a pan-India presence with our distributors dotting almost every town and city of the country, and our presence is still growing stronger.

As one of the leading Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturer in Kolkata, we are continually in search of further growth possibilities to ensure that no person in the country ever suffers from a waterborne disease. Amrit Alite has gained an iconic stature concerning purity and reliability. With close to a decade’s experience as packaged drinking water supplier in Kolkata, we make use of the latest and the best machinery and technologies to ensure that our quality is truly Amrit. We make use of a 7-stage purification system that eliminates the presence of even the minutest contamination.

Based at 11/3 H, Canal Circular Road, Kolkata, we are spreading our wings to soar even greater heights. We are all set to bring more smiles in every corner of the country with Amrit Alite.