Amrit Alite: Corporate drinking water distributor in kolkata

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Continually provide pure drinking water to every home according to specific needs.

There is a rising consciousness among the present generation about the quality of water that they drink. Most people are aware of the fact that a range of intestinal and related issues that they suffer from are due to water contamination. None of the water sources that are normally accessible are completely safe and have one or another pollutant present in them. Consequently, there is an ever-increasing demand for processed and pure packaged water.

We have taken the onus of providing the purest form of water to the common person on an everyday basis. Our modern processing and packaging plant is fully equipped to handle the growing demands of packaged water. The 20 liters jars are meant to satisfy the daily drinking water needs of the domestic sector. We continually strive to package more bottles and PET Jars than required so that there is no gap in the demand supply line.


Enable access to clean drinking water in every commercial establishment without ceasing.

The retail business is on a boom with shops and Malls springing up everywhere. A phenomenal increase in business can take place only when there is a safe environment with the necessary facilities installed. The provision of pure and clean drinking water in a commercial setup of any type and magnitude is an absolute necessity. Amrit Alite fulfils this requirement by providing packaged drinking water in large PET jars & bottles supplying them regularly to all such outlets.

We carry out an indigenous 7-stage water purification process to provide water to our citizens in the purest form. The high-quality machinery and facilities present in our plant ensure that every drop of packaged water coming out of it has the highest form of purity fully standing testimony to the name Amrit. The large scale production of the large units ensures cost-effective pure drinking water solution to the commercial sector.


Provide necessary packaged water to every office all round the year helping maintain health.

People in today’s world are spending more time in the office than anywhere else on an average day. Employers being fully aware of the situation are careful about providing the necessary facilities that make the work environment as comfortable as possible. Ensuring a contended, healthy and safe workplace is the key to increasing productivity. The availability of pure drinking water is absolutely essential among other amenities in any office. Amrit Alite has been Corporate Drinking Water Distributor in Kolkata for helping offices of all magnitudes meet the demands of clean drinking water by providing the necessary PET jars & bottles as and when required through our reliable chain of distributors.

In business for almost a decade now, we are aware of the changing faces of the work environments in today’s world. We have taken up the challenge of meeting the demands of such workplaces in and around cities at a consistent pace and prices that are most affordable for all. Amrit, as the name suggests, ensures that your workplace will always have the source of water that is desired by all.


Our PET bottles with personalized labels containing the desired logo of any type are appropriate for events of any size ensuring that all get pure drinking water.

Event and occasions are times of celebrations that add colors to your life. Whether it is a corporate event meant to promote your products or a smaller one that endorses a cause, your audience is sure to be present for a considerable length of time. Clean drinking water is one of the basic amenities that is expected to be present at any such venue to quench the thirst of those present. Fulfilling your customers’ and audiences’ expectations of the same will only add to your company’s value.

Even in the case of personal celebrations and gatherings, there is always the need of sufficient potable water. Amrit has become a common name in all such events and occasions contributing to their success by satiating people with the best quality water from our plant. We have the necessary infrastructure that is capable of meeting the high demands of the seasons when social and corporate requirements peak together.


Our chain of distributors spans the length & breadth of the city & are continually adding in numbers.

Going by our vision and mission, we have a secure network of distributors that help giving access to our brand Amrit Alite to all. Beginning from the city, moving to the peripheral limits and the suburbs, our distributors are among the most trusted partners of our business. We have been proliferating our business at a phenomenal rate thanks to the contribution of our distributors. They are a part of the basic infrastructure on which our reputation and business returns are based.

As a distributor, you become partners with us in business while providing people with the most basic requirement – pure drinking water. Becoming a distributor of Amrit Alite implies better business opportunities that are sure to take on growth given the high demand for our brand that is always on the rise. With an affordable investment, you stand the chance of broadening your business returns as our distributor.